Local women and girls are often at the center of handicraft production in Nikaj-Mertur. Through their unique crochet work, embroideries, weaving patterns, and sowing, Nikaj-Mertur’s women keep the region’s traditional artisanal practices alive. These handicrafts are often reflections on daily life in the mountains, depicting the natural beauty of the area, as well as stories of love and relationships.

Nikaj-Mertur's women handmake the folk costumes for both genders. Common items found in the folk costumes are dresses, vails, pants, vests, waistcoats, tassels, wool socks, and moccasins.

Woodworking and carving also occupy an important place in Nikaj-Mertur's artistic heritage. Since the region is home to many types of forests, timber is readily available and acts as the main material for both construction and home furniture. When out in the mountains, local shepherds are often found with a knife at hand, carving out small objects like spoons, cigarette cases, bracelets, trays, coffee boxes, cups and so on. Necessary items like household furniture, doors, windows, carved rooftops, and musical instruments are all traditionally made from scratch by local craftsmen.

The artisans behind the various local crafts may be practicing an ancient tradition, but their work remains timeless.