The Nikaj-Mertur Regional Nature Park is often called the last secret of the Albanian Alps. It was established as a Regional Nature Park in 2014 and has a total area of 17,500 hectares, of which 270 ha are covered with chestnut forests. The park center is located in Lekbibaj village, 27 km from the town of Bajram Curri and 12 km from Fierza. The boundaries of the park are geographically defined by the Gjireve-Brise well on the west, the upper mountains of Bosh-Curraj on the north, and the Dreni and Korja e Mortur peaks on the east.

In Albania, a Regional Nature Park is a protected area which falls under IUNC Category IV. Regional Nature Parks are managed by locals, thus allowing agricultural and economic activities to be carried out within the area.