Nikaj-Mertur is a relatively new destination that offers a unique travel experience to those visiting. Up until 2014, very few people knew about Nikaj-Mertur, making its visitors feels like they were the first to discover the ancient history, the unique cultural traditions, and the breathtaking nature found in this corner of the Albanian Alps.

The villages of Salca, Palçi, Vrana, Curraj i Epërm and Kuç are all found along the various rivers and lakes connected to the Drin, a major river where you can find numerous natural water springs. The park is also home to Lake Koman, which starts at an elevation of 180m and goes up to the Maja e Hekurave at 2561m. During the ferry ride that traverses the Park, visitors can enjoy impressive canyons, valleys, rock formations and caves. With such an abundance of water, local meadows are lush and provide excellent conditions for the livestock to thrive.

The pleasant weather found in the park, averaging about 12°C (0.7°C in January and 25.5°C in July), creates the perfect conditions for enjoying the outdoors, impressive landscapes and rich agrobiodiversity of the area. But above all else, the most unique aspect of visiting Nikaj-Mertur in the warm and welcoming hospitality from local people.