The management plan of the Nikaj-Mertur Regional Nature Park (RNP) is an instrument that guarantees the sustainable development of this area, through the harmonization of the cultural and environmental aspects of the park’s territory.

The vision of the inhabitants of the park area is thus summarized as follows: "Our vision is a future for the Nikaj-Mertur area where the outstanding natural and cultural heritage become known locally, nationally and internationally. The community of the area, economic development and environmental protection are developed harmoniously and consistently among themselves."

The main objectives of Nikaj-Mertur RNP are:

  • • Preservation of biodiversity, agro-biodiversity and the natural and cultural landscape of the area;
  • • To highlight the natural, cultural, historical and social values in the Nikaj-Mertur area;
  • • Work to promote these values at the local, national and international level;
  • • Combine these values by offering an integrated touristic package;
  • • To ensure the sustainable development of the area as a foundation that guarantees the identification, preservation and development of all present assets of the area.