Mjalti më i ëmbël
pasi bleta kullotë
mbi lulkuqe
Raki, history
and diversity
Wild landscape,
soft nature,
where flowers grow over stones

Nikaj-Mertur is a relatively new destination that offers a unique travel experience to those visiting. Up until 2014, very few people knew about Nikaj-Mertur, making its visitors feels like they were the first to discover the ancient history, the unique cultural traditions...Lexo më shumë

Travel Destinations

Kulla e Thepit; Pylli i Ahut; Shkëmbi i Forcës; Kalaja Leka; Ujvara e Brisës etc

Close to Nikaj-Mertur

Muzeu i Bajram Currit, Liqeni i Komanit, Liqeni i Vaut të Dejes, Lumi i Shalës etc

Local events & festivities

In Nikaj-Mërtur, the religious holidays of the Catholic faith are often celebrated

Getting to Nikaj-Mërtur Regional Nature Park

The park can be reached in three ways


The blending of natural processes and human activities over hundreds of years have constructed the poignant landscapes of the Regional Nature Park that we observe today. Nikaj-Mertur’s natural features are the results of a long practice


Nikaj-Mertur RNP is a noteworthy area as far as its ecological systems are concerned. The vertical zone that begins at the height of Lake Koman (180m) and goes up to the park’s highest peak (Maja e Grykave të Hapta, 2625m)


The entire Lekbibaj municipality area going right up to the beech forest belt, has seen extensive traditional use by locals. This area acts as a kind of living museum of Albanian traditions and traditional land use.


In Nikaj-Mertur’s iconic Curraj i Eperm village, construction workers found an old bronze ax with performing excavations for the foundation of a new edifice. The ax’s distinct features gave away its importance


Nikaj-Mertur is the result of a unique coexistence between two clans with different cultures and traditions that joined into one. The remote location of Nikaj-Mertur has contributed to the preservation of its cultural heritage

Local cuisine

The foods prepared and served in Nikaj-Mertur RNP are the traditional dishes of the areas that have been passed down over centuries. Travelers who want to stray from modern cuisine have an opportunity to turn back the dials of time

Raki, histori
dhe larmishmëri

Local women and girls are often at the center of handicraft production in Nikaj-Mertur. Through their unique crochet work, embroideries, and sowing, Nikaj-Mertur’s women keep the region’s traditional artisanal practices alive.